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6 Best Beauty Devices to Help Solve Your Skin Care Woes

6 Best Beauty Devices to Help Solve Your Skin Care Woes

Smart Devices

It’s hard to imagine a world without smart devices—especially now that so many are geared towards achieving our skin care goals. While many beauty devices could be considered “smart,” these beauty devices are categorized in this way because they can connect to the internet, Bluetooth and even specially designed mobile apps. Here are some smart beauty devices we are loving right now.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reverse some of your biggest beauty woes without booking an expensive, not to mention invasive, in-office treatment? With technology advancements in light therapy, smart devices and multi-functional devices, now you can. Instead of visiting your dermatologist for a wrinkle-zapping, skin-clearing, complexion-plumping treatment, you can turn to trusted at-home skin care devices that get the job done with little to no recovery time. Up ahead, we break down the three most popular types of at-home treatments that can help you achieve your most flawless complexion yet, plus share splurge-worthy beauty devices to try.

1. facial brushes



Ideal for: All skin types looking for a good clean rinse at the end (or beginning!) of the day.

Get smart about your cleansing regimen with the our skincare brush. The vibrating silicone cleansing brush gently cleanses the skin of the day’s grime and analyzes the complexion at the same time, so you not only get a squeaky-clean feeling, but also have insight into what is going on across your complexion. Not to mention: Its buzzing sensation boasts major skin care benefits. “This type of technique helps bring oxygen to [the skin],” says Dr. Jaliman. It also has anti-aging benefits since “collagen production increases as blood flow increases,” she notes.

Why we love it: It’s like a pocket-sized smart facialist. When connected to the app, the cleansing brush tells you your true skin age and type, measures for hydration and gives you real-time data. With the added information, you can create a unique cleanse just for your complexion.



2. Light Therapy Devices

Light therapy is taking the beauty world by storm and for good reason. With these LED (light emitting diode) beauty devices, gone are the days when you’d have to book an expensive in-office treatment. Now, you can experience the magic in the comfort of your own home. Peep our favorite light therapy devices, below.


3.  Skincare SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro


Ideal for: Mature skin types looking to reverse the look of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and loss of firmness and acne-prone skin types hoping to kick redness to the curb.

Give yourself a targeted, product-free facial with the SpectraLite FaceWare Pro. The unique all-over light therapy face mask utilizes both red and blue light therapy to stimulate collagen production and reduce breakouts. “Red light therapy is used for its anti-aging properties because it’s collagen-boosting,” notes specialist . “The blue light therapy kills acne-causing bacteria,” she adds, noting that both can actually combat acne, but the blue light gets the job done better.

Why we love it: The hands-free device targets the entire facial complexion to smooth over wrinkles, reduce blemishes, even the skin’s texture and help us achieve in-office–worthy results at home.



4. Jade Roller Beauty Tiger's Eye by JRB



Ideal for: Mature skin types or those that experience puffiness, blemishes or dull-looking complexions.

Stone rollers like the Tiger’s Eye by Jade Roller Beauty are considered a must-have tool for all skin care arsenals because of the incredible massage benefits they bring to the complexion. “Facial massages drain away tension and fluid in your face,” explains Dr. Jaliman. On top of that, the massaging tool can also improve the skin’s circulation, which can “help anti-age, as collagen production increases with improved blood flow,” she adds.

Why we love it: Massaging our face with this stone roller is our favorite way to wind down and get ready for bed—aka, the skin’s rejuvenation period. Not only is it ultra-relaxing, but it also helps add some extra oomph (by way of a natural-looking glow) to the skin.


5.Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Massager

A must have body slimmer device in 2020, help you toning you loosed skin, and tight you skin without workout.