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FOXFLAKE is a Canadian company founded by certified personal trainer, dietitian and nutritionist. For many years, our company have been focusing on sports, fitness and nutrition, and committed to the research and development of sports related supplies and equipment. We use the best chips, batteries and newest technology, to guarantee the high quality of our products. Our high quality product make sure you get what you pay for.  



Rest and recovery have taken an increased focus in recent years as a critical part of training plans for athletes and fitness buffs alike. Also due to poor working habits, strenuous exercise and other factors, muscles and fascia can be edema, torn and swelled, leading to muscle pain. One tool that many rely on to help aid deep muscle recovery, sore muscle relief, and plain old stress release is the percussion therapy massage gun.

Our FOXFLAKE easy to use and Handheld Percussion Massage Gun works from professional athletes to recreational gym-goers to those with chronic pain. Built to deeply relieve muscle soreness and accelerate post-workout recovery with the 30 adjustable speed levels and 8 swappable massage head attachments.

Using vibration and pulsation to apply concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue and promote recovery. This form of deep-tissue massage can work out knots and tension out of the muscles, while also enhancing your range of motion and increase blood flow. Percussion massagers, when used correctly, can help reduce your recovery time and help relieve pain, tension, and soreness.